Pack your bags now and “bath” with your friends to see new tricks! ! ! https://bit.ly/47cCbv3

From now on, when you stay at Niumian Puli, you will receive [DIY Rainbow Bath Salts] for free.

Bath salts in 7 colors and several essential oils will be prepared on site. You can choose the color and fragrance according to your mood and preferences, and make your own exclusive bath salts.

Activity time: 14:30~16:30 every afternoon

Location: Restaurant

⭕If you arrive after the event time of 16:30, the service staff will make a finished product as a gift (you can choose your own essential oil scent).

⭕The number of gifts depends on the room type, 2 bottles for a double room, 4 bottles for a quadruple room, no additional gifts for extra beds and extra persons.
⭕This event is not applicable to private room reservations.

⭕This is a seasonal event. If there is any adjustment, Niu Mian Puli reserves the right of final interpretation. If you have any questions, you can call: 049-2990999 or join the official Line: https://lin.ee/seXemt9 for consultation.

[If you check in from now on, you can get free admission tickets to Nina’s Chocolate Castle]
The dreamy [Nina’s Chocolate Dream Castle] appears in Nantou Puli, which is like walking into Hogwarts Magic Castle.

The location is near the Paper Church. It is an outdoor European romantic manor with many LOVE shapes. It is very easy to take pictures.

There are chocolate sightseeing factories, chocolate-themed restaurants, ice cream shops, DIY classrooms, etc. in the castle. I believe chocolate lovers will definitely fall in love with this place!!!

► Park information: https://www.conas-choc.com/park/
► Floor field: https://www.conas-choc.com/floor/
► DIY introduction page: https://www.conas-choc.com/service-detail/family-howfun/
► DIY online reservation: https://inline.app/booking/-Mjj3A0m9j_MWv8ATVxi:inline-live-2/-Mjj3ACDMzlFOVs5y1sl

⭕Request period: Until December 31, 2023, the quantity is limited and supplies last.

⭕VIP guests who want to check in before check-in are welcome to go to the park to store their luggage and ask for tickets first.

⭕If you have any questions, please call: 049-2990999 or join the official Line: https://lin.ee/seXemt9.