Wedding Project

Venue Rental Fee: $ 12,000

【Project Including】
1. Offering The Bal`e Villas outdoor gardens, indoor shooting.
2. The shooting project depends on the situation and the regulation is not to affect other tenants of accommodation.
3. Shooting time of a day is within four hours from 11:00am to 15:00pm, including outdoor for 4 hours.

1. The limited number of shooting staffs are three persons; the additional fee will be charged for 1000 TND per personnel. Please wear the ID badge which is provided; relatives and persons without pay are not allowed to enter The Bale Villas牛眠埔里.
2. Additional fee will be charged for 1500 TND per hour, please submit application for shooting more than four hours. Extension shooting won't be accepted if occurs to special condition, please contact our counter for detailed information.
3. The project is limited reserved, no collocation with other project. Please call 049-2990999 in advance.
4. Shooting project is not provided on Holidays.